I Said

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

God Im hurt.
I said God Im hurt.
And god said I know.

I siad God I cry a lot.
And God said thats why I gave you tears.
I said God I get so damn depressed.
And God said thats why I gave you sunshine.

I sais God life is so hard.
And God said thats why I gave you loved ones.
I said God my Loved ones dead.
And God said I watched mine nailed to the cross.
I said God your loved one lives.
And God said so does yours.
I said God where are they?
And God said mine is on my right and yours is in the light.

I said God it hurts.
And God said I know

Comments about I Said

Can you send me that poem or tell me where I can order it. It is god it hurts
I actually read your rewrite (June 07) before I read this, your possible original. The feeling is, to me, identical. As for the 'polish', this the dark of night (pardon the double entendre) , and your rewrite is 'l ' heure bleue'. I find that sitting under a tree in that magical time of days end is a much better place to be, even if alone.... and perhaps before the second star presents itself, you'll have someone with whom to share the sky. I can but echo my comments re your revision... Wonderful!
your poem really touched me, and i mean really got me too. you have a way with words. i too was abused and know where your coming from, try to hold on, your worth more than those bad people.

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