GG (October 5,1987 / Iloilo City - Philippines)

I Said I Love You First

Columbus is not a fake

For whoever sets discovery first

He gets the credit

And thus

Columbus discovered America

I said I love you first

And that is the best discovery

That keeps the stars apart

And if in the end there’s one thing credited to me

I said I love you first

It doesn’t matter if you love me back

I can endure the mockery of saints and sinners

But please remember that I said I love you first

For it’s a praise that I hold as my essence

It’s only humane justice

If you render me such

I ask for nothing more

To deny me my right

As the discoverer of your beauty

As the first pilgrim to explore

As the pioneer of love expression

It was better then to have kept silent

And to love you is all folly to the world.

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