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I Sang Into The Darkest Night

I was affronted by the darkest night
As it drowned out the heat of day
And became confused as I lost my sight
And stumbled around in unholy fright
As I stroked my mind for proper words to say.

But there was none I held with my mind
No saving words to take me out of this hell
And so I struggled while hoping to find
A person whose heart was kind
To pull me out of this pit in which I fell.

And then into the darkness I began to sing
Because I learned I was all alone
Hoping to remove the most painful sting
Of what only frightened loneliness can bring
And slowly the black began to change its tone.

When the song was over the dark had all gone
And out popped again the joyful sun
Because when you put your all into a song
Your voice rises and can do no wrong.
And before you know it your battle is won.

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