I Saw An Angel...

I saw an angel one Saturday evening,
In front of Crystal Cineplex waiting for me,
21st August is a day full of meaning,
Wishing her Happy Birthday and joyful as can be.

I saw an angel one Monday evening,
In Star Cineplex as I watch a movie,
I wish her the year ahead full of blessing,
May everything be smooth and also trouble free.

I saw an angel one Thursday night,
At Timberland Medical Centre; this angel in white,
Shining through; she is like a bright light,
Bringing hope to the sick and making them right.

I saw an angel again today,
As I wish to see her everyday,
So I close my eyes and pray,
Hoping she have a very special birthday.

by Charles Bong Hin Joo

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Good one. All the best.