I Saw Grace Coming

My midnight had set in
And I just failed
To have a simple plan.
I was forced to fight a battle
A battle on sinking sand.

I had no light
That would last
I didn't feel that I coud stand.
I had not a friend beside me
The world was spinning
Wa-a-ay too fast.

My lamp was dim
I had no peace
My soul had lost its strength.
I had become so weak and tired
I couldn't fight the battles length.

Then I saw Grace Coming
In large forces of mighty men
And just when I'd given up
I found a deeper power
One that would last
One that would help me win.

This power overflowed
And engulfed the defeat
That was within my heart.
I fought til I was exhausted
Then I seen the enemy depart.

I couldn't believe
I'd seen Grace Coming
To stand directly by my side.
I'm glad I forsakened not the Lord
For He allows His Grace
So sweetly to abide.

by Cecelia Weir

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What a wonderful poem about self sufficiency being inadequate and the healing and saving power of God. Holiday Blessings to you and your family Larry (aka Ray)