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I Saw Him Cry

Today I saw…
A grown man, he cried
I wanted to say the hurt would go away
But I knew if I did I would lie

His grief stricken face seemed so displaced
It was though someone had died
I knew not what else to do
So I sit down right there at his side

Sometimes words…
Just sometimes don’t need to be heard
I placed the palm of my hand over his hand
And somehow I could feel the hurt

He sighed for a moment and dried his eyes
Said thank you for all that it’s worth
Sometimes when you cry, someone at your side
Is all that you need on this earth

I saw the old man, I saw him cry
I saw a grown man, he cried today
And somehow I found, he left something with me
Today when he walked away

Sometimes in this life when we find
We just need to have a good cry
Sometimes on this earth, for all that it’s worth
We just need someone at our side.

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