(1893-1918 / Shropshire / England)

Angels Of Mine

This poem is lovingly dedicated to my priceless treasures; Jazzper and Jiselle Luene.

After two years of absence
I can no longer wait
to see them running while screaming my name
I can now imagine
the taste… the feelings
when these angels come near
to offer the warm hugs of their tiny hands
I can never forget
the precious moments
of their sweet lips that kissed my lips
so tender… so sincere
and now that I am coming
my heart is so eager
to feel their embrace and kisses
that will wash away my tears…

5th July 2008

by Jazlle D. H.

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dont worry dropping part 2 soon
dont worry guys dropping part 2
'' the heavens of his cheek '': ... mm.. what is the real meaning?
[I saw his round mouth's crimson deepen as it fell], Like a Sun, in his last deep hour; Watched the magnificent recession of farewell, Clouding, half gleam, half glower, And a last splendour burn the heavens of his cheek. And in his eyes The cold stars lighting, very old and bleak, In different skies. - in ITALIAN: [Vidi il rosso cremisi della sua bocca rotonda incupirsi mentre cadeva], Come un sole, basso, nella sua ultima ora; Vidi il magnifico ritiro del commiato, Rannuvolarsi, per metà brillante, per metà torvo, E un ultimo splendore bruciare i cieli della sua guancia. E nei suoi occhi Le fredde stelle accendersi, antiche e tetre, In altri cieli.
I think its a nice one, very good
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