LK (12/21/1979 / Georgia)

I Saw My Mother Die

I saw my mother die, when daddy walked away.
With the shutting of the door, her heart was broken forevermore.
I saw her cry all day and night, I heard her sob in the dark,
There was nothing I could do to help and no way for me to forgive.
He abandoned her without looking back
Oh what kind of father could ever do that?

I once prayed for the day I could face him and tell him how I feel,
I guess his love for mom and us, was never true and real.
I’m glad I never said the things I’ve long since wanted to say,
Because now I’m old enough to know daddy loved us in his own
I’m sure he’s somewhere out there, wondering where I am.
Or maybe he died wishing, I were a better man than him.
I can’t say dad was wrong for all the hurt he caused.
My mother’s so much happier and stronger than he was then.

I fear the day I understand, just why he had to go,
Because I’d be making my wife a stronger gal and leaving her all
I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my love stood-up and walked away,
Leaving her home and children behind a calmly shut door,
with no reasons or explanations, with years of wondering and guilt.
Never knowing they had done no wrong. Fearing mother’s misery
should be their own.

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your poems arecso real; God bless you.