I Saw The Night

I Saw The Day
As I felt the night
And people surrounded me.
The night set in
And the people didn't know
I saw it in their every grin.

Not just fake hair
And false eyelashes too.
Those things couldn't bother me.
Finger Nails or not
Or breast implants
It was their spirit
Where I experienced the fault.

It wasn't in the toupes
Or the musle bound strength
The vehicles or the cash.
But it was deep within
Their desired motive of intent
Where they tried to inger
My heart with a gash.

I strained to keep the sun shinning
I faught hard and kept the day.
I saw Night on the horizon
That's when I begin to pray.
The darkness never reached me
As I begin to welcome it in
Because I knew through me
The change would come
And night would be made day again.

by Cecelia Weir

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