I Saw 'The Truth'

Poem By Thanyarat Komolsingsakul

Oft times I wonder
Where is that line
That bridges or divides
To decide what's right.

Oft times I stand
Not making demands
Wondering where I land
'Tis hard to understand.

The ways of man
Can so bemuse, thus bringing
Portions of distress and restlessness
Heart finds it tough to fathom
The far gone depths of deceit
The despicable conspiracy
The 'filled-with-ulterior-motive' intimacy.

Is sincerity never to be found?
Is truthfulness such an obsolete?
Is kindness a rarity?
Is happiness so flimsy?
Is faith a no-no endeavor?
Are dreams that hard to grasp?
And is life really worth the pain?

I have been shown,
I have been known,
And I have flown...
Alone and aloof...
And I saw...
'The Truth'.

(2010-11-28 11: 23)

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