My Mama's Blessing

Dont mock me,
and dont blame Me,
if you always see me around,
runing erand for my dear mama.
dont think i am dense
or among my pals that i am less,
if you have much party time
but profitably using mine,
don't think i would look inferior
or with your swags you can lure
tho' you may have the best
but with what i have i'm contented.
Tho' we ain't rich yet
but thro' the stress she still buy me some T-shirt,
after coming from work late
she still try in fixing us a hot plate.
i need to make my mama happy,
'cause thats the only way i can get her blessing
and the lords mercies,
so i need to obey,
while the sun shines i need to make hays.

by Micheal Olaniyi

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