I Saw You

I saw you
I am sure I saw you that day
You were quite as if you were dumb
You behaved as if you are an angel sent from God
You attracted my attention and impressed me a lot
I saw you eating in that expensive hotel
And I couldn't believe you will listen to me talking
I was amazed when you gave me the morsel
I never thought you will stay by my side
But now you are here with me

I saw you that day
I warned you of your behaviour, but you didn't take heed of my advice
With a loving and caring heart I approached you
It wasn't violent, but with total peace
It wasn't hot, it was cool
With hope that you were going to listen
Changing your behaviour is something you said you can't
But now there you are in prison

I saw you
You were running away from school
I told the consequences of your misconduct
You insulted me and said that I am a fool
Look now, this is what you've got as products
I told you to apologise after being expelled
You saw no profit in school and went out as a robber
That education is most important, you denied
But now you've cried

by Theyuz Banda

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