At one time, I had it all,
In my palms, it seemed to fall,
I took for granted and now it’s gone,
Like a sparrow, with a melodic song,
Which takes flight, away and high,
Just like time, wither and dies,
Like my life, as I lay in wait,
For my end, in a sedated state,
I lose weight and contemplate,
Of all the things, which will never take place,
I will cease, to be, finally free,
End what it, means to be me,
Friends will mourn, My family, weep,
And in their memories, I will keep and sleep,
Until a day, when they too, are gone away,
And my legacy, will also dissipate,
I have lived, and I have not,
Dreams? Ambitions? Now forgot?
Silence.. Is.. my only friend,
And is my only passenger in the end,
As time grows short, and it fades to black,
The chips against me, immensely stacked,
I become one with peace, no turning back,
I loved you all.. please, remember that

by K.J. Jackson

Comments (2)

A beautiful piece, profoundly insightful, lots of zen. From the flow and tempo of your poem, I also feel your inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Cigeng.
Deep and full of meaning. this must be addressed to God the your heart longs for. well penned.