ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

I Scream For Chocolate

Do you recall going to the candy store?
The shelves were filled with chocolates.
One wonders, who they all are for.

All those beloved sorts just look so great.
Hershey bars Cookies and Cream, Kisses.
I thought hard, which one should I take?

Right now my mind screams for chocolate.
I see myself eating the biggest Hershey bar.
The rich flavor melts in my mouth like bate.

I am in heaven with that dreamy kind taste.
You wish that flavor would never go away.
Thus an empty wrapper lays there in waste.

Please, it is not enough I want much more.
That Hershey bar was so wonderfully sweet.
My full belly rumbles wildly crying at war.

Those ideas were only a wishful dream.
Before me was a real bar of milk chocolate.
I stared at it for a span, it just waited for me.

I grabbed it and made my fantasy come true.
Slowly; I unwrapped the honey bar and ate it.
Like my image, it ebbed on my tongue like glue.

My desires for toffee were now ever content.
I consumed my lovely bar in a few minutes.
A wrapper lay on the table in endowment.

Sad, you never want that good feeling to end.
No matter how badly your tummy may hurt.
Because chocolate is like your best friend

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Very nice poem Monica! Ya just can't get enough chocolate! That's definately one of my weaknesses. Sincerely, Mary