I Scribble It In My Heart

Poem By Maia Padua

When I said I love you;
I write it on a leaf of paper,
Folded beautifully, scented.
It may just be burned, thrown away
Still, a copy remains within me.

I clicked the letters for the words to stay;
Right in front of me, my poetry,
All my unspoken words, all my dreams;
Neither for the eyes of the world to read,
Nor for the world to know;
But, for my heart to say every word for you

I write it in the sand
To let the sunshine kiss on early dawn
Before the clouds dropp rain of tears,
Let the moon and the stars touch at night,
Before the teasing waves washed away my words
And bury it under the sea as if it was never told.

On a leaf of paper, my love is written, maybe thrown away,
My hard disk may collapse and gone my poetry,
The waves may wash away my words in the sand,
Someday, with the journey of life, I will depart
My love remains, for I scribble it in my heart.

10: 00Am

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