I Searched For You (Version 2)

I searched for you in the midst of the wood
The sky, the earth around
Over rolling hills, i did look
But nowhere could you be found

I swam the deep waters
Caught a ride on a sea turtle's shell
Together we swam on and on
Inspecting every nook and nell

Among the stars, i searched
Circled all of Saturns rings
The voyage to Pluto I undertook
I swear, i did all these things

Somewhere around noon, i walked the moon
Skinned my knee on the Big Dipper
The Gemini twins are now my friends
But alas, i lost my favorite slippper

Around the milky way bends,
I stoped to rest by the northern star
Had the nicest chat with Orion
All the time, wondering where you are

My skin is singed from the burning sun
I got to close to mars
I searched for you today my love
Yes, among the very stars

I came back down to earth
Thinking that perhaps i passed you by
Yet i know that cannot be
For among the sands, you're the grain that catches my eye

Among the sea with it's many fish
You're the one I wish to catch and never release
The needle in the stack of hay
On which my finger, I'd gladly prick

The tick-tock ticking of the clock
Tells me the day is almost done
I searched for you today love...
Why did you not come?

by Modupeola Williams

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A beautiful poem with a wonderful imagery!