I See

I see what you mean when you say that you are in love
The indescribable feeling that only feels good
That nothing can bring you down when you are together
I had known love once, and I miss it, in which I should

You say that there’s no down side to love
That it feels so good and that it is not so bad
When I had know love it hurt so much
Love is the shark in the water that makes me sad

She fled, she flew, she followed her own path
Embraced herself into the arms of another bee
The pain, the sorrow, how confused I was
I mustered up my strength and will and now I can see

I now see that love is for those who like pain and joy
To follow Janus in his footsteps in hoping to make and break love
To betray, to baffle, to befuddle one’s mind
I see that love isn’t for me and only for me to reminisce of

by Gregory Deye

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