I See

I See
I see your secret glances at the photos on the wall,
I see you look away like it doesn’t bother you at all.
I see your hidden sorrow; I know it all to well,
I see your walls rising to enclose what you will never tell.
I see your glowing smile every now and then,
I see more of your watery eyes filled with thoughts of what could have been.
I see you pull away and separate from all that might be real,
I see your pain and heartache that you believe will never heal.
I see your independency fighting to be free,
I see the little girl screaming please don’t leave me.
I see in you, the me I have come to know,
I see the blame you give for me making it so.
I see your inner struggles and the endless fights,
I see you shut your door and escape from the more wrongs then rights.
I see all the truth & honesty that you continue to give,
I see your emotional secrets that you continue to relive.
I see your unasked questions of all the how’s & why’s,
I see you & your anger look away from me and stare into the skies.
I see the words that you don’t say,
I see your disappointment in my weakness that didn’t allow for our life to be another way.
I see your worries that the now is what your future holds,
I see you rising above and smashing all our damaged molds.
I see your frustration’s that this will never end,
I see your happy tomorrow’s with only an occasional, I remember when.
I see a power and strength in you that in me I never knew,
I see you breaking the cycle and letting the past finally be threw.
I see you in a way that a mirror doesn’t show,
I see you being stronger and better then you could possibly know.
I see pride, love, and admiration when you come into my view,
I see a better life for all that follows, because you remained true to yourself threw and threw.
I see things in you that you may not believe or care,
I see you doing things you doubt your heart would ever dare.
I see your ability to achieve any goal, dream or desire,
I see you being the daughter that I will forever and ever admire.
I see you Danielle……

(Tammie L Peterson)

by Tammie Lee Peterson

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This is such an incredibly powerful poem. It's truthfully one of the most beautiful and insightful poems I have ever read. I really like it a lot. Keep writing your good at it. If you develop your talents, WOW! Your poem really spoke to me it is really just a good poem. P.S. If you can read one of my poems tell me what you think?