ZI (30th September / Bahrain)

I See A Broken Heart,

When you peel back the layers,
Piece by piece,
And uncover what lays beneath,
What do you see?

A girl beaten down,
By horrors of the past,
Living behind a shadow,
Which darkens her future,

Her terrors lay with her,
Hidden below,
She needs a release,
Before her secrets get taken to the grave,

She needs to see the light,
To escape her fears,
To escape her reality,
So that she can face her final destiny,

Behind the shadows,
Behind the layers,
A damsel is found,
Wishing to be saved,
So she can find herself again.

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Langston Hughes


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She's a girl, but you make it sound as though she is going to her grave in the near future. You should take all secrets to your grave. Don't air your dirty laundry. So they say.