I See Diamonds In The Stars

I see diamonds in the stars

I see diamonds in the stars. When they shine, they drain out all my blues. Blowing my mind away from this life full of lies. Away from friends who can't stand on their own, like lice. Them being around me, is just another road to my demise. I pray to keep those who contribute to my bliss. For them, I call the heavens to never cease to bless.

I see diamonds in the stars. They brew peace in a mind crucified by sorrows. They counsel a soul that had met many horrors. They elevate hopes hoping one day I'll be part of their galaxies. On a fast lane, a free mind speeding to Mars. Hoping to meet the distant relatives taught by Damian and Nas. When all the grievings and struggles I everyday face, get to pass.

I see diamonds in the stars. For me, they bring joy and happiness. Another art of creation that frees me from my sadness. Looking at them, I sometimes regret some of my choices. They instil endless energy in me so I could rise from my mistakes. Inspiring me to bear reality to my dreams. Boosting my energy in persecuting greater things. Because I was born for Greatness

I see diamonds in the stars. Shine, shine they are angels' eyes. They illumitate the dark nights. Just another art proving the heavens' might. Songs I sing giving thanks to the light. Up above, let the rhythms beat every height. As they continue to shine infront of heaven's gates

I see diamonds in the stars. So priceless, unlike the blooded ones uprooted from the grounds. They are a privilege to all universal citizens. Not only for the royals' sons and daughters. They can't be owned by any of this world's queendoms and kingdoms.

I see diamonds in the stars.
Beautiful like heaven's sons and daughters.

by Ndina Kamaro Muofhe

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