I See Everything

Poem By Paul Andrew Bourne

I see everything designed around me
no me, no me in a system of mercy
and the Covent of Mercy is the
epitome of abuse
I see, yes, I see
the travails of the rhetoric
and this self-interpretation
is an interpretation of what I see
I see everything including nothing
designed around me
a game beyond the draftsmen's template
no avenue opened for repentance
a monster in a system designed around the different
Michael did not understand it,
or he did,
it crushed him
what, who, where, and when next
as it is my time caught in the maize

I see everything designed around me
no me, no me in a system of mercy
with plethora of secret groups
everything is inauthentic
they let you see the demon
the glamour, the lights, the beauties, the works
the inauthentic everything
that lucid world
that is more opaque than mire
the lucent lights of deceit
everything is designed around deceit

I see everything designed around me
no me, no me in a system of mercy
the poor is the toy
the system is the lever
the toys are played, disposed, sidelined
with grace
it is done with humility
everything is interpreted with understanding
understanding that you're the toy in the system
I see, yes, I see
before I die,
I see, I see everything designed around me

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