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I See Myself As A Judgemental Person

I see myself as a judgemental person
But to judge others i don't have the right
So many people to make ends meet struggle
And life for them is such an uphill fight.

I'm one who is down on the rich and famous
For fame and fortune there's some price to pay
But i don't really have the right to judge them
If they've earned their millions in an honest way.

But there are many far too many like me
Who spend their time dragging tall poppies down
The millionaires who do not hoard their money
Are known to be an asset to the town.

My sympathies are with the poor and needy
The forgotten people of society
But millionaires would not be in existence
If there was no such a thing as poverty.

I can't help but admire the non judgemental
Amongst all others they walk proud and tall
I only wish that I could be more like them
For they believe in a fair go for all.

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