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Why Are You Breaking In Stress?
Emily Dickinson (10 December 1830 – 15 May 1886 / Amherst / Massachusetts)

Why Are You Breaking In Stress?

Life is cheerful, life is light
Why are not you feeling bright?
Night gives you fear, oh my dear
You are in stress, put your gear.

Year or day here do not you stay?
For every action price you do pay.
Say you not why? Problem what is?
Remain fearless you are son of his.

Why do you blame God for action?
Own doings come back as reaction.
Why are you breaking in this stress?
Feel life more you feel stress less.

Press your pain dress love wisdom,
Yes, yes very fine get life system.
Suppress you sorrow and surrender,
In God keep mind he is our sender.

Tender life feel remove your pain,
You live in light, light it does gain.
Chain of love is too long for God,
Do not break in stress, soon do nod.

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.............a fantastic use of dark and light ★
so beautiful n wat imagery truly an awesome piece of work