I See You

I see you
A bountiful kinetic indigo blue
Beautiful affluent and alive
Do you see yourself?

I hear you thunderous, yet fresh as morning dew
Lighting the sky with an astute determination
Can you hear yourself?

I believe in you with an unshakeable, unbending force
Like the strength of a lion and lioness
Do you believe in yourself?

I feel you like a cool breeze on the hottest day
Never imposing just resolute
Do you feel yourself?

I represent you a reverent solider on the front line
Ready to go to war at any time
Do you represent yourself?

I am concern for you an authentic love embedded deep
You are blue skies of breathtaking brilliance
Know this! ! ! And be concern for yourself

I admire your mere existence no matter the world views
I'm dazzled by your funkdafied sway of fly
I get high when I see you

Living this life where circumstances murder choices
Where one hide in the shadows with muffled voices
Too afraid to roar
Too afraid to soar
Unfolding turbulence on solid ground
Just look around....we are majestic
We thrive when we should not survive
We are a healing hope
We are pure purpose
We are a flowing freedom
We are a mind blowing metamorphosis
And I see you! !

by Monica Lanier

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Aloha Monica... [We are a healing hope]... hopefully unfinished in form, yet profoundly compassionate and disturbingly thoughtful in subject and content... I will to work wonders with the aid of your post... Thank you for your efforts... all of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.