I See You Do U See Me?

i see u do u see me?
i watch as u talk to her
and i wish it were me
i listen as u brag about her
and i wish it were me u were talking about
i think about u every moment of the day
dont u feel my eyes staring at u
do u not see my cheeks start to redden when u talk to me
i feel as if i am a grain of sand on a beach
i am not different
but i could be
if u tried to be my friend
if my friends knew they would laugh at me
and if u knew u would 2
so this is y i will type it and u will never see it
the thing is i seem to see u
but u never seem to see me as even a friend
but i want to be so much more
i want to feel ur sweet embrace
ur fingers in between mine
but i know that
this is nothing more than a crush
and that u may never know about it
i wish u did
and that u would possibly feel the same way
but i know u wont even if u even did
u will say eww as many guys b4 u have said
and tears will stream down my face once again
for to me rejection is not known to me

by Paige Jackson

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