I See You Only

In the pit patter of the rain
In the innocent fear of the deer

In the flying freedom of the bird
In the bright morning sunshine

In the roaring waves of the sea
In the humming buzz of the bee

In the fluttering of butterfly
In the arched clear blue sky

In the dark rain bearing cloud
In the thunder that is loud

In the meditative poise of the peak
In the dancing tunes of the river

In the jumping urgency of falls
In the still waters of the lake

In the silken touch of breeze
In the ghastly play of the storm

In the trodden path of earth
In the frozen caps of ice

In the green trees of forest
In the barren dry desert

In the fountains that enthralls
In the beauty of the rainbow

In the touching lyrics of the poet
In the love that brings in pain

In the things that all I see
Even in the rejection of your me

In this world great and small
In them I see you only to fall

by Padmaja Balaji

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