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I See Your Face
DF (October 9,1995 / Tiffin, OH)

I See Your Face

Everywhere I look I see your face.
In my dreams,
In my head,
In my world,
In my heart,
In the sky,
and in the night.
Everytime I see your face,
I feel Pain,
and Safe.
Your face is unforgetable.
I still love you even after the pain and suffering you caused me,
I still love you.
I want to let go so you can't hurt me anymore,
but I can't let go,
There something about you that keeps me hanging on,
Waiting for the right time for you to hold me in your arms,
Saying that you love me,
Will never let go,
I'm yours forever,
You are safe in my arms,
And I want you forever.
Everywhere I go I see your face,
Everytime I dream your right by my side,
Protecting me,
Loving me,
Holding me,
And never letting go.

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i <3 it! lol that is how i used to feel. i like it, keep up the good work and write more poems it's help you release feelings,