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* I Seek A Mountain *

Gazing the mountain from my windowpane
A green monument seen estranged
Sandwiched in between clouds
Echo of thunder cried aloud
At the eastern peak, where misty morning
Climbed over the cliff, scaling
Birds glided across, like rainbow rising
Spreaded their wings, streaming
Through the sheer rock faces
Leaving trails in phases
The pinnacles and crags are mouth watering
Tempted and lured climbers, a reckoning
Up above the northern peak
Zephyr marching oh so weak
Forming an adiabatic
Submontane filled with organic
At the bottom, river terraces
One of the mountain multi faces
The crystalline steep slopes
Decorated with climbing ropes
Heavenly as seen from above
A sign of a divine love
You flowed, like an Andean Amazon
Our love grown full-blown
I desire a woman
I seek a mountain

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A bravura poem enjoyd lots! Each line artistic.
I like this one and obviously subject matter is appealing.Not easy to find new phrases, metaphors that can be used but you've managed it very nicely. For description and form one of my oldest poems is Daybreak..have a look if you can..overall reference should be apparent. David
i liked it a lot, ur really talented; ...........
Great poetry. There is excellent imagery here! ...............
beautiful i think every woman should read this. just great and i thought my poems were good
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