CB (190865 / jersey)

I Sense Loves Emotion

I admit im a pinhead but i see the sea

The foamy waves, and i feel emotions

love makes me emotional, so i change like a windmill into a reptile and then a white lion

You hurt me, you assacinated me, rejected now im reborn

amongst the foamy waves of the mediteranean, to the summits

the forest where i touched the fatefull physical dimention

then a run through a green flower dotted valley, becoming naked

my obsession for you still envelops me, and i let it, there as i sit on the stone

the seagulls welcome me and i forget about you, you that i had allready immagined with babys and houses

the matter has only been some upturned boxes and a few breethes between our linbs,

is this a herald, what of the efemeral, i have turned, from pinhead to initiated, blessed vessel

cushioned against by life by pride no more

I surge through the water

by Cristobal Benjumea

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