I Served!

In my service days I did not see real battle,
I did not come in to harms way.
For the wars fortune, the friends I lost.
I feel that I should have had to pay
Penance for what they went through:
But I served!

The wounds my buddies suffered,
The mind trauma that they still live through
Is more than most anyone could have beared.
I feel their pain every day,
But I served!

For all the ridicule and all the mental anguish
They had to go through. I know my duty will always
Look light to them but I know I have their good will
Because they know … I did my part! I served!
For that I am forever grateful.

by William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr.

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All soldiers should recieve more than they do, they have given of theirselves, thank you.for serving.