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I Set Into The Sun

I sat down between a dirty mirror and a sapphire skyline.
I never thought I could feel this torn.
Above me, written in fresh red, I saw my destiny.
A physical realm. My oracle.
Though it was slightly unclear, it was screaming out to me.
I continued to plug my ears.
My fingers pressed with wax, I thought I could shape my future.
Along the road, I carved statues out of sand.
Never did I realize the rains would come so soon.
It was murder,
It was death,
I left my mark along asphalts,
Dragging out a deep line of fame,
Mostly my own selfishness to be satisfied.
Maybe I thought I was higher then the earth.
So then I walked along the hallways of the dead,
Thick-framed, lifeless souls.
Stuck with books on their faces, they claimed they were the right way.
The flesh on their lips cried “JUDGEMENT! ”
I can only glare with a higher power on my side.
At the end of the road, I felt there was something more.
I pulled back a garden, unnoticed in the moonlight…
There! A flash of golden shimmer,
With tall skies, and countless rooms!
Out there, I felt a pull to belong.
For all my life I felt there was nothing better then this.
I only wanted to be with You.
For so long I ran and now I was running to.
This purity, Your flawless face….
I set into the Sun…

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i loved the writes....the maturity of it.........very fine indeed....
Extraordinary piece of writing Melissa - I wonder what prompted it?