LR (7/22/89 / Rochester NY)

I Shall Not Back Down

Who am I? It doesn’t matter.
Just another soldier in the battle.
I fight for my pride and a way of life.
Not to mention an ending of strife.

Teary eyed as I watched the towers fall
rage brewed from the core of my soul
You started this fight,
and I’ll have be you beat before the night

I’ve been Docile for so many years,
why’d you have to go and cause so many tears?
Now I’m forced into bloodshed again.
To fight for my right to be happy within

You’ll be sorry in the end,
that you took my fuse and lit it again.
Cause there’s no stopping now, and no turning back
you’ve made a mistake, now’s my turn to get back.

Look what you did are you sure of your dreams?
You’ve awakened a passion never before seen.
Passion and pride for a flag that can’t die.
A passion so pure, that it bursts at the seams.

Hand over heart, I renew my oath,
to the nation I love from coast to free coast.
Starring in awe, my flag’s above all.
Now I suggest you get ready for your fall.

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wow, i think you have the making of a great poet. seeds of one. do read all the great poets to know how they got where they are. they are your fertilisers.