I Shall Pour My Heart To You

I don't know how to play on the veena
I don't have the voice of a nightingale
I am not able to sing and dance.

But I need love.
I have a heart full of love.
I want to love and be loved.
I become a beggar in search of love.

God unbind my feet.
Help me to dance like the peacock.
Show me the rose garden.

Help me to smile and laugh
and make this world a better place.

I have a heart full of love.
I shall pour my heart to you
and fill you with my love.

Then you shall never be a beggar.
(veena is an Indian musical instrument)

by Dr. Antony Theodore

Comments (2)

what i like best about your poems, is the pure soul of a real poet in all of them
A beautiful verse Antony. May you always know love. Without it, we merely exist.