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I Shall Return.
WD (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

I Shall Return.

Poem By Wesongah David

I shall return,
To walk by the cool streams barefoot,
And munch on the thick grasses,
Listening to to the lullabies of the birds,
I shall surely return.

To fall asleep in the open fields,
and let thy dreams wander..
I shall write again,
With understanding,
Of the bountiness of the wisdom of the sages,
And for posterity's sake,
Be chronicled in the epics of the ages,
I shall be back once more-
To love with maturity,
And share pieces of my heart,
Bites of my anguish,
And cakes of happiness.

I shall return,
My soul tendered to humanity,
And blossom like a flower -in bloom.
A gift I too shan't be denied-devoid of carcasses of pain.
And weep for people's withering by,
That forgot the passion of heroism.
I shall return.
I shall return,
I shall return.
To the deep rooted mantra of,
I shall return.


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Comments (2)

Very beautiful. Moving composition. Nice metaphors,10 for it.
David, I like the message within this poem and the description of returning, especially 'my soul tendered to humanity.' However, I am confused by 'munch on thick grass.' I am thinking of reincarnation, but then you go on to say that you will 'write again.' It doesnt hang together for me...but I like the tone of the poem. Raynette