Focusing Energy

Clouds of dust swirl around me in desert storms of lightening knowledge.
Continually focusing on an energy I feel inside, beginning to face myself as a person of some worth.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Nice one like it it’s one of my favorites
I shall return still happens to be my best poem - nostalgic mood I always feel when reciting it.
the poet is saying in his death he will return to do the things he once did before in his afterlife
The poet has a longing or yearning to return to his native country. He reflects on the good times he had with his loved ones watching the forest fires burn, loitering by the streams, participating in native village rituals, like listening to music and dancing. Living in a foreign country he yearned for the things he left behind. The only way to ease the pain of that longing is to return this his native land to relive the things that shaped his life. Things tthat made him who he is. Its a feeling you can identify with only if you have experienced it. The last two lines drive home the point. I shall return, I shall return again, to ease my mind of long long years of pain
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