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I Shot The Sky

I saw the land, I saw the plains
I took a needle, and injected it into my veins
Starry eyed was I for a while
Until I saw that the sky stretched on for miles
I was eager, so keen in what I was doing, until I looked above
wondering what I was doing

I took so much of the sky
So now I was on an eternal high
I wasn’t afraid anymore
I didn’t feel as insane anymore
but everything kept falling from above
I don’t know, maybe I still was.

I never thought I'd ever come down
And since then my world has turned around
The grass is greener
The streets are cleaner
And my new perspective
Is one of pure objection
She doesn't look at me the same
Mother, I mean, she thinks I'm insane

Maybe the world isn't so bright
Maybe the sky has blinded my line of sight

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The title didn't match the poem, so right there I thought there might be a problem. I can't recommend the poem for that reason. If a poem is not clear enough to have the title match its content. Ther meaning is not clear either. GW62
I think is a real but I don't know it's all long (reffain skypeak song)