I Should Be Going To Bedlam, Darling

Another night
And I'm left with the halucinations of my imagination
Another hour, alone watching the people in a staggered migration
Two seems to be so much more the new magic three
Another night, another hour and another packet of cigarettes at another party.

Your not here and I'm missing you half to death
To tell the world how wasted I'm feeling would be a waste of breath

Staring at the stars and balm summer evenings kill my imagination
And bring me back to a place called reality where you are not here

I've been having trouble sleeping
And it felt like falling in love again
As I've been dreaming of our lives again and again
But in my dreams the conscience is nonsense and the living are not real

A calamity in my ears
And a turbulence under my pillow as the phone is ringing
My thoughts are a catastrophe
But I can hear your voice from 100 miles away
And it stables my world stock still
And confines my chaoses back to thier boxes

Another night, another hour on the phone
Following on with the dawn
The lights coming in and the curtains stay drawn
I must sleep but my world will come crashing down again if your gone
The catnip's wearing off in your voice.
'I should be going to Bed....lam, Darling ' i said
and you only replied
'OK, i'll talk soon.....so long...good night'

by victoria mcvicar

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