I Sigh

I sit here and sigh, I dont know why
mayby it is a sigh of relief
my delight; delighted at the loss of grief
but agsighity still takes control...
grabbing hold of my sole.
I think well, but too far ahead
holding fear, to Mary I hail
giving myself no oppertunity to fail
yes, I should learn from mistakes
grow stronger and work harder
for you, I say an our father
what if my one chance flys into the mist
theres no secound, mistake it cant exsist
so watch me dance with the one chance
I do it time after time and im afraid
in case I am an extra in this parade
from day one I said it, I am no liar
its not to prove a point more to inspire
I continue to try as today is tonight
tomorow is new and thats why i sigh.

by Daniel McCann

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