LA (111111111 / Grenada)

I Simply Don'T Belong

Tumbling forth with Brains on-board
I can't help but think, "my golly, I'm bored! "
It seems like in the mix I just don't fit
For many a brain, but many a twit.

Relying on self is the part to destruction
And the building block to faith's obstruction.
For when we as human begin to in knowledge boast
Flesh seeps in and the devil makes us his host.

They dream the dream not seeing the plainness of God,
Who is too big to comprehend - that‘s why he seems odd!
As they probe in darkness - they don't seek he who is within-
Satan manipulates and makes them subjects of sin.

With their advancement they seek with the greatest tools
Not realizing that at the end, with no Christ they are fools.
They laugh and delight in obscenity -a sign of indwelling sin.
They are full of great knowledge and yet are blown in the wind.

It seems to me that day by day we go in different ways
I don't fit; it does not seem my way… destiny says.
So though in these arts, I may be versed and strong
If they are not of God, then I simply don't belong.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

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