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*~i Simply Have To Peek! ~

I like to take drives
late at night
and pass all those old houses
with the lights on
and the drapes carelessly forgotten.

I can't help myself.
I have to peek.
I wonder
what their house is like,
what they're saying,
why they're laughing,
why they're crying.

I wonder if they would
invite me in
if they knew I was
thinking of them.

This is just how I feel
when I read your poetry.
I feel like I'm driving by your home
and stealing a peek
through your windows.

Thanks for inviting me in.

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Oh..yeah, its so smiliar to peeking into others houses...whoa! what a thought! But you know, people don't always write about how they're feeling, so mayb they'll mislead you from what's on display on their poem list *wink* Preets
Hmmmmmm I never really thought of reading anothers poetry was like looking through their house windows. But nevertheless that was a great poem. Great work Mary, Smiles N Hugs, Willow: -)
great piece, Mary. if you stop by, hopefully I've left the light on. -Tailor
You are welcome any time Mary, we would love you to knock on the door, after you have peeked in the window, of course. Ha! Nice write. Enjoyed it. Love Ernestine XXX
I invite all angels to enter my heart.
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