Suicide is my thought of dying,
Crawling out of hole I made,
Suicide is my only way out of my pain I feel,
Explain why I can’t kill or hurt myself,
This is priceless for every suicidal thoughts,
The thoughts that runs through my head,
The things you have said,
The way you racquet me,
The way you make fun of me,
This is why I want to die,
Suicide is my only way out,
The way out of the pain you have caused me see.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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Oh..yeah, its so smiliar to peeking into others houses...whoa! what a thought! But you know, people don't always write about how they're feeling, so mayb they'll mislead you from what's on display on their poem list *wink* Preets
Hmmmmmm I never really thought of reading anothers poetry was like looking through their house windows. But nevertheless that was a great poem. Great work Mary, Smiles N Hugs, Willow: -)
great piece, Mary. if you stop by, hopefully I've left the light on. -Tailor
You are welcome any time Mary, we would love you to knock on the door, after you have peeked in the window, of course. Ha! Nice write. Enjoyed it. Love Ernestine XXX
I invite all angels to enter my heart.
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