NLA (January 5,1983; Capricorn / Longmount, Colorado)

I Sing A Song For You

Like a ship boat floating in a starry sky and a flower that lives forever.
Like a shadow that will warm your spirit and a hand that always touches, with comfort and conten
I sing a song for you.
I sing with the sound of uncondition, I sing to you with love.
I sing your lullaby for you in the inspiration of a dove.
Sleep my delicate wonder, I apply my kiss to your eyes. Cover up my little slumber, mommy will always be by your side. Cuddle in the clouds tott, sweet dreams are all and sweet.
sleep safely, sleepsoundly baby, sleep.
So as the stars watch the ship pass by, I will sing to you in love.I will hum to you in comforting sounds and watch over you with the stars.
Your shadow will slumber under your cover, warmly, when I caress your head. Dear y darling, i sing this for you and will be here when you awake.
Close youe eyes, rest your day and off to dream land, is the quiet road that you will take.

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Robert Frost

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