Where I stand has caved in,
I'm lost and forgotten,
No one remembers which side I took,
Nor should they,
For it is a different side now,
What I saw as being forever,
Something that could heal old wounds,
Has just cut them open and made new ones,
I never heard anyone say, 'I'm sorry...
For everything I put you through,
For every time I let you down,
For every time I forgot you',
Yet they always come to me expecting me to forget those things they did to me,
Those stinging words that were said,
And I pretend I did forget,
For they expect too much of me,
And I will never forget the words,
The wounds,
The ripping of my heart,
For they expect too much of me.

by Kim Jones

Comments (2)

It is funny, some 36 years ago...I remember this poem as Ode to Olaf...and the line...there is some shit I shall not eat! I cannot tell you how many times I have used that quote... when responding to something someone asks me to do that is stupid....
This poem bowled me over when I read it on my own as a teenager and still does.