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I Sing Of

I sing of the stream that babbles on it's way
Downhill to the river by night and by day
A journey that ends at the far ocean shore
The sound of it's babble is forever more

I sing of the birds the feathered minstrels of song
Some of them by their voices one never get wrong
Like us individuals in their own way
So nice for to hear and see them every day

I sing of the wild animals i sometimes see
The gray kangaroo and the koala on a manna gum tree
I recognize them by sight but little about them i do know
And my wonderment at their ways only seems to grow

I sing of the trees and the bushes and flowers
Gleaming in their rain speckled petals in the sun after showers
There is beauty in Nature at all times of year
A beauty that to us at all times is near.

Of people and places my songs i have sung
The poor and the wealthy the old and the young
I sing of war and suffering and of inner strife
And i sing of love and the joys of life.

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