Simply A Disguise

A challenge in my life that i can over come if i would like but choose not to is a very difficult thing to handle....i present myself to this world as someone i am not.....i dont believe they are allowed to know the true me.. so in the dark i hide.... my life...every tear that is shed represents the pain the comes within the walls of my night i think of all the things that has happen in my life and wish that they can be erase but thats one thing that i have that if they be erase i am erase.. simply because the things that have happen to me in my life are the things that have made me what i am today so therefore they are a piece of me.....a piece of my life.......i can not change now i can only make the best out of what things are so now i live the way i am and they way they see is simply a disguise......

by brittney walker

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.............wonderful flow and rhyming ★