CLJ (April 16th 1990 / Simi valley californa)

I Sit Here All Night

I sit at night herein ' oh its al right '
but no no its not ok its not aright
every day i here where going to make it
its going to be all ok life made it this way
hey hey listen to me now
my heart is broke
and my love is gone
don't sit at night and tell me its aright
sit right here in this chair
and stop lieing to be night after night
tell me what problems we face
why all the love and hate
seem to smack me in the face
tell me why night after night i read your words
and i seem to think half clear
come to my face spit in it
it will be better in taist then the
trash you speak night after night
just tell me whats ok and whats wrong
tell me where the hell my life went wrong
not now when! ? , tell me now whats going on
right here right now put up your fists
i guess ill haft to fight to know whats right
lay me on the floor bruise me beat me
i just don't want to here a lie tonight

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