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I Somehow Feel

I somehow feel that people are like the Seasons we come and go but the land does remain
In the sands of time those we see as important are like us all another tiny grain
Yet Mother Nature she does live forever as the one immortal she lives on and on
She has the power of self regeneration and she'll be here when all others are gone
Into the nothingness of the non feeling when we will be as lifeless as a stone
Beyond all cares that come with our existence our fear of death is fear of the unknown
But as the poet Shirley said death is the great leveller the monarch and the pauper will be equal one day
Yesterday's babes to their end one day nearer and the reaper on us has the final say,
We do create what are known as tall poppies those who become conceited with renown
But Mother Earth receives them and does not treat them any differently as she would the poorest person of the Town,
We may think other creatures to us are inferior but like them we live and like them we must die
The sheep, the dog, the cow or the donkey are they that any different to I?
Our life span can be measured in our heartbeats but Nature she will live forever more
And not one ever has come back to tell us of another World beyond this Earthly Shore.

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