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I Sometimes Think Of Buninyong

I sometimes think of Buninyong when I'm in reflective mood
And of the people I knew there to me they were never rude
They always made me feel welcome there just like a welcome guest
And many of them sad to say now in their eternal rest.

I still remember Nuffa and where might he be now?
If he is amongst the living to father time he bow
Such a marvellous character and him I still recall
Of those I knew in Buninyong one of the most generous of all.

Lal and Bull Holloway and Frankie Wells to the reaper have gone
But in and around Buninyong memories of them will live on
They were such likeable fellows and kind in their own way
And all of those who knew them only good of them do say.

Ron and Heather of the Crown Hotel have gone to live elsewhere
They owned the licence of the pub in Buninyong when we were working there
We used to drink our grog there where the Locals we got to know
Way back in the late eighties now that seems long ago.

I sometimes think of Buninyong when I think of the past
And of the good times we had there but good times never last
I last was there in eighty seven my hair is now far more gray
And some of the Locals we got to know now with the departed lay.

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