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I Spoke To Mondrian This Evening
DK (1951 / UK)

I Spoke To Mondrian This Evening

Poem By David Keig

I spoke to Modrian this evening
He'd just bought some Lego bricks
He really was excited
He'd found how business ticks
These paintings i've been doing
He said with a big smile
Are really not high art at all
But simply nice designs
I'm going to sue Lego
They've stolen my ideas
Then i'll set up my own business
Selling bricks and maybe wheels
I really am excited
I've ditched Theosophy
My art will live forever
And have real utility
I was so disappointed
That Mondrian had seen
Financial gain within his art work
Then i awoke as from a dream.

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Comments (1)

It's pretty good for an amateur, even though the rhyme isn't that great ('smiles' and 'designs'?) , but is it really that horrible that artists might wish to be monetarily compensated for their work? They have to survive, you know.