I Stand

I stand alone,
I stand here,
Arms crossed,
The world is mine.
It is plain to see,
I mean business.

I stand here,
Void of pain,
Void of suffering.
My eyes give away no secrets,
Here I am,
Ready to do battle,
With any who stand in my way,
For I will conquer all I grasp,
I will not fade.

Later still,
Locked in memories am I,
Kept in the hearts of family,
Preserved for all of time,
Maintained in things I left behind,
Protected from any further harm,
Safe from any storms,
Sealed in the minds and souls,
Of those who loved me.
I am not bitter,
Nor distressed,
I slipped away peacefully.

For I had the last word,
It was I,
Who gave the best lesson,
Live life to the fullest,
Grab it,
Take it,
Stand strong,
It doesn’t matter,
Just hold onto it,
Make the world yours.

by Aisha Sherazi

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Very inspiring, Aisha... a bold and purposeful write! Well done! ! Brian