I Stand Alone

Perplexed, baffled, worried
a trumpet plays.
The empty dance floor awaits only me.
Strumming of guitars
beating of drums
sound together,
creating and explosion of excitement
among the audience.
The time is here and now,
soon I will take my long awaited

by Melvina Germain

Comments (5)

Melvina, I like the wonderful flow of this. Grabs you and drags you along to the end. Wonderful, wonderful is what springs to mind. Thank you for sharing this my friend. David
am so very very glad to have you back..i will welcome you into my arms.. hugs, Meggie
I see a strong and brave heart in this lovely write. ~~marci.xo. :) ~~
good to see you back Too: O) ......It's a scarey feeling going alone
The show must go on Melvina... Good to have you back girl..10